If you don’t clean them regularly tubs can become extremely dirty, especially fiberglass tubs. If you’re struggling to get your tub cleaned then check out this process below that is sure to get your tub cleaned in about 5 minutes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A regular drill like the one pictured below. Chances are, you’ve already got one at your house. But if not, you can pick up a drill at Wal-Mart for a pretty reasonable price.

black and decker drill

Remember, you’re not building a house here. So you don’t need the top of the line Milwaukee drill (or whatever drill is top of the line). Anything that spins quickly will work just fine. 

Next, you’ll need a drill brush that will attach to your drill. You can check out something like this one on Amazon.

drill brush to clean bathtubs

The next thing you’ll need is one of the best cleaning products ever made! Bar Keepers Friend. We’ve tried and tested everything, and this works wonders. You can get it here on Amazon or buy at any local hardware store.

bar keepers friend

Step 1– Use the shower head to spray water onto the tub and get it wet.

step 1 to clean a tub

Step 2 – Sprinkle bar keepers friend onto the wet tub

step 2 to clean a tub

Step 3 – Begin by using a very low speed on the drill and work the powder into the water to create a paste. Let it sit for a few seconds as a paste. 

step 3 cleaning a bath tub

Step 4 – Go to town! Put pressure on the drill and grill the entire tub. Use BKF Foam in order to clean the tile and grout.

step 4 cleaning a bath tub

Step 5 – Use the shower head to rinse it all out. 

step 5 cleaning a bath tub
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