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Spend your time on the more important things. We'll clean your home.

It's time to let All Clean By Anabelle focus on cleaning your home, so you can focus on life. Whether you need weekly, biweekly, monthly or one-time cleaning, your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Highly Rated and Highly Trusted House Cleaners


Everyone deserves to live in a clean, healthy living space, but it isn’t always easy to find the time to dust, mop and vacuum. Our Wichita residential cleaning services are customized to help you achieve your dream of a spotless home.

While we don’t require this, we are able to perform a variety of “first-time” tasks that require extra attention on our first visit. For example, your bathroom can receive a deep cleaning that includes everything from shower door tracks to plumbing fixtures. In this initial, deep cleaning, our team makes sure that we deliver to your satisfaction. Subsequent cleanings typically go faster after a thorough job has been done on our first visit.


By offering weekly, monthly, and one-time professional house cleaning services, as well as, move-in / move-out cleaning, All Clean By Anabelle provides cleaning packages for every budget and need. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and this is how we’ve achieved our excellent reputation over the years. 

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Wichita House Cleaning Services

Trusted Maid Services In Wichita and Surrounding Areas

Do you need help keeping your home clean? Or professional house cleaning services when moving in or out of a new home? All Clean By Anabelle is the solution you have been looking for. We have been the best house cleaning service in Wichita since we started! From mopping and sweeping, to washing windows, making beds and more, we provide quality cleaning services you can count on.

Our maid service in Wichita will give you a clean home, excellent customer care, value for your money, and a simple booking process.

We can be booked in as little as 60 seconds. We are the premier provider of home cleaning services in Wichita, KS.  Represented by some of the most highly trained cleaning professionals in the field, cleaning to high quality standards to ensure that your expectations are exceeded. Whether you need our services regularly or one time if you are moving , we can get the job done with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our company is licensed, insured, eco-friendly, and professional in every way.

Enjoy coming home to a completely clean, fresh smelling home after a long day. Best of all, you didn’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the bliss. Treat your family to scheduled maintenance cleaning from All Clean By Anabelle in Wichita, KS because you deserve it!  With All Clean By Anabelle maintenance cleaning services, we clean to a detailed checklist every time we come to your home. You can always add additional services when you need them. Just call us and we’re happy to add these tasks to your cleaning. (Additional fees may apply.)



We love familiar faces, and we know you do too. All Clean By Anabelle works hard to match the right house cleaning teams with the right client. So once you are totally delighted with your crew, we’ll try our best to continuously send you the same team member on your future visits.


All of our associates are thoroughly screened for your security and peace of mind. Every team member of All Clean By Anabelle undergoes a thorough screening. We care about our clients; and your security and trust is our top priority. We will always make sure our team members are suitable to be in your home or place of business. You will be happy to know that we are an insured company.


With All Clean By Anabelle, our entire staff is proud to let our performance speak for itself. We want to earn your business with each visit. We are strong believers that our clients stay with us because they are happy with our service. Not because they are obligated by a contract. Therefore, our Wichita, KS residential clients never sign a contract with us. This means that we will always work hard to earn an opportunity for repeat customers.

Life gets crazy – we get it.  We all feel a low-level stress from seeing our home not as tidy as it should be for our families. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in a clean, fresh space every morning and spend time on loving your cuties instead of scrubbing a shower?  We’ve got a perfect solution for you: sign up for our recurring cleaning service – a worry-free, stress-free way to keep your home tidy and healthy.

Important: we highly recommend the initial deep cleaning if your home hadn’t been professionally cleaned in more than a month.  Otherwise, the basic cleaning will not be adequate to make your home truly clean. You will be sad. And so will we. 

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Interesting Facts About Wichita

This one isn’t simply a must-be aware, it’s an unquestionable requirement. Wichita’s Troll prowls in an outpouring region close toward the Westar Energy working along the Arkansas River. The 200-pound, 5-foot tall figure was made by Connie Ernatt and introduced in May of 2007. In the event that you haven’t previously seen it, we would rather not make it TOO simple: To find the Wichita Troll, search for a major mesh in the walkway on the east side of the stream, only south of the Keeper of the Plains. (Here’s a clue: If you go around evening time, you can see its frightful green shine as it peers up at you.)

It’s articulated, “Are-KANsas” River. Not “ARE-kan-saw”. (Misspeaking a glaringly obvious hint you’re not from Wichita.)

The Keeper of the Plains is the twelfth tallest sculpture in the U.S.
At 44 feet tall, Wichita’s biggest sculpture is obscured by a couple, including the Statue of Liberty and a Jolly Green Giant sculpture in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Coincidentally, in the event that you live in Wichita and haven’t been to see The Keeper around evening time while the Ring of Fire is on, you’re passing up a major opportunity.

There used to be an event congregation on an island in the Arkansas River.

Joyland wasn’t Wichita’s most memorable carnival.
This photograph comes from Historic Preservation Alliance. It was initially essential for a postcard book called “Unmatched Princess of the Plains.”

This is truly two realities in one. The “island” was really a shoal, yet it was named Ackerman Island. It split the Arkansas River among Douglas and Second Street. The island was enormous – it held a baseball arena and Wonderland Amusement Park, which worked from 1905 to 1918. Joyland Amusement Park didn’t open until 1949. Peruse more about Ackerman Island and Wonderland Park.

Prohibitionist Carrie Nation crushed up the Eaton Hotel Bar.
Carrie Nation was famous for her vicious assaults on Kansas cantinas to fight the wrongs of liquor (“evil spirit rum”) in the mid 1900s. On December 27, 1900, the ax using Carrie Nation visited the bar in Wichita‘s Carey House Hotel (which later turned into the Eaton Hotel) at 517 E. Douglas. John Nobel’s painting, “Cleopatra at the Bath”, obviously set her off significantly more: She crushed the mirror behind the bar and attempted to annihilate the composition. Country was subsequently captured and served a couple of days in prison.

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