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Preparing to have your home professionally cleaned for the first time is exciting but you may find yourself wondering what you can do to prepare before a crew arrives that can help to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and efficiently. Here are some steps you can take to prepare:

Preparing for a Professional Cleaning Service:

1. Declutter Surfaces:

Before the crew arrives, take a few minutes to tidy up and declutter surfaces throughout your home. Clearing off countertops, tables, and other surfaces will make it easier for the cleaning crew to access and clean these areas effectively.

2. Secure Valuables and Personal Items:

While professional cleaners are typically trustworthy, it’s still a good idea to secure any valuables or personal items that you don’t want the cleaning crew to handle. Consider storing jewelry, important documents, and other sensitive items in a secure location.

3. Communicate Special Instructions:

If there are any specific areas of your home that require special attention or any products or techniques you prefer to be used, be sure to communicate this information to the company in advance. Clear communication will help ensure that your expectations are met.

4. Put Away Pets:

If you have pets, consider confining them to a designated area of your home or taking them outside during the time of service. This will prevent them from getting underfoot and ensure their safety and the safety of the crew.

5. Secure Pets’ Belongings:

If the crew will be tending to areas where your pets spend time, such as pet beds or litter boxes, be sure to remove these items or place them in a designated area. This will allow the cleaners to access and clean these areas without any obstacles.

6. Provide Access:

Make sure that the crew has easy access to your home by ensuring that all doors and gates are unlocked. If you have a security system, be sure to provide the company with any necessary access codes or keys.

7. Clear Pathways:

Remove any obstacles or clutter from hallways, entryways, and staircases to provide clear pathways for the crew to move around your home safely and efficiently.

8. Communicate Any Safety Concerns:

If there are any safety hazards or concerns in your home, such as loose floorboards or slippery surfaces, be sure to communicate these to the company in advance. This will help ensure the safety of the crew during their visit.


By taking a few simple steps to prepare your home before a cleaning service arrives, you can help ensure that experience goes smoothly and that your home receives the thorough cleaning it deserves. Effective communication and cooperation with the company will help ensure a positive experience for both you and the crew.

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