It’s that time again, Spring cleaning season. Depending on your schedule, you may want call the best house cleaners in Springfield for a deep cleaning or tackle it yourself. Whatever your choice, these tips are sure to make big and small household chores easier and faster.


1.      Start with cleaning and other chores that require cleaners to sit, or those that can be going while you are doing something else. (i.e. laundry, toilet cleaner, loading the dishwasher, etc.)

 2.      Get things tidy, then clean.

For each room it will be much easier to actually get to the cleaning process if you don’t have to deal with a bunch of junk in your way. This is especially important for vacuuming, because picking up while you are vacuuming can be a major nuisance.

3.      Work from the top down.

You should start cleaning upstairs, and then work your way downstairs. If you start at the top its often easier to go down, but to lug the vacuum up the stairs after you’re in the swing of things is a little harder.

4.      Dust before cleaning floors.

When you dust each room you will most likely get some dust on the floor. You don’t want to have to vacuum again to get the new dust off the carpet or create mud from the dust settling onto the still freshly mopped (and wet) floor. Therefore, dust first, then proceed with other tasks in the room.

5.      Go from inside the house to outside the house.

Starting on the inside of the home and then going to the exterior can be a motivator, like you’re pushing the dirt out of your home, literally.

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