Discovering a home cleaning service in Northwest Arkansas is not a difficult thing to do. However, the cleaner they send to your home must not only be a professional maid who follows the home cleaning to-do list, but also have insurance. An uninsured cleaner within your property walls represents a significant risk, and here is why:

– An uninsured cleaner comes with no liability insurance. If any personal property of yours gets lost, damaged, or stolen, there will be no way for you to get a refund;

– If an uninsured cleaner, deliberately or on purpose, causes any bodily injury to anyone present at the house, once again, there will be no way for you to get a refund.

– If a harsh physical injury should happen to your house cleaner while they’re on the job on your property, and they are neither insured nor bonded, the state could hold you responsible for the accident. This could lead to further complications, and you could end up having to pay the medical expenses required to treat your cleaner’s injuries.

– An uninsured cleaner who is neither insured nor bonded can be living and/or working in the US illegally, which could put your family into serious risk in case immigration services come knocking at your door at any point;

– A cleaner that’s neither insured nor bonded can be a convicted felon, as their personal background hasn’t been checked. It goes without saying that such a person should never find their way to your home.

If you are s looking for a dependable cleaning company, don’t make a mistake and fail to conduct a proper inquiry about their practice. Dedicate some time to checking every important aspect of their business, and your patience and focus will surely pay off in the long run. If you handle the investigation right, you will be able to narrow down the finest cleaning companies in your area, among which you can choose the one that is just right for the needs of your family and your home.


Caring about customers’ safety and personal property is a necessary part of what cleaning services do. With All Clean By Anabelle, a professional, licensed, insured and bonded company, you can always feel safe and relaxed. The experienced cleaners we send your way, providing stellar house cleaning in Fayetteville, AR, are also fully background-checked and tested, so when you open your door for them, you are sure to see a friendly face.

That will give you more time to join your friends for a cup of coffee near the Friendship Fountain. When you come back, your home will be spotless, and your property intact. Give us a call or reach out via our website chatbox, and welcome to a happy, satisfied All Clean By Anabelle family.

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