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Use Our Cleaning Checklists or Make Your Own!

We’re not a franchise house cleaning company, so we’re free to clean your home, your way.

Have a look at our cleaning checklists, then tailor them to include whatever house cleaning tasks you please.  You set the scope, and we’ll quote you a price for whatever tasks you choose.  As a starting point, we generally find it helpful to show prospective clients our standard checklists and allow them to add or subtract tasks.

Regular Cleaning Checklist

We use our regular home cleaning checklist as a starting point for homes which have been cleaned within the past couple weeks or so (not so much scrubbing, and some rotation of deep cleaning tasks).


A Really Common Question:  Do we clean windows?

Some windows, yes . . . for example, we clean windows on doors as part of the standard assignment (inside, and if it’s not so cold, then outside too).  We do so as a matter of cleaning maintenance, not as a full-blown window cleaning deal.

From time to time we might wash another window or two inside your home, upon request, but only if we can do so while standing with two feet on the ground.  And we might charge extra for that.

If you want something more in terms of window cleaning, then it might be best to hire a professional window cleaner:  a) they’re so much better equipped for the task; b) they’re prepared to clean both sides of your windows; c) they’re specialists and simply better at it than we are.  So they’ll provide better value and service in this respect.  We can recommend a window cleaner if you need one.


Service Locations

Our reliable house cleaners provide quality maid & cleaning services in multiple locations.

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